What are the shippping costs?

We are very transparent that shipping is one of our biggest costs. We typically use 2-day express shipping to ensure freshness. The nature of 2-day express shipping, usually by cargo jet, is that it is expensive. Today’s fuel costs contribute to these high costs. Our shipping rates are not marked up, they are our costs. Handling includes the cost of the refrigerated packaging elements and our labor costs to go to our partners, pick up the ordered items, re-sort and package them for the outbound shipment.

Note about the $75 product minimum: there is a shipping and packaging efficiency that is hit once certain number of items are in an order. This $75 order level represents our best calculation as to where that efficiency currently is. If you want to try us out and have a hard time meeting this minimum, split your order with a friend, neighbor or relative!

Do you send me a tracking number for my order?

Yes. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email confirming shipment and listing the package tracking number.

What do I do if I have a problem with my order?

Contact New Haven Direct Connect for any problems at or 1-877-219-5150. Please do not contact any of our manufacturer partners, we will handle any issues with your order.

How do you package and ship my order?

We use 200lb corrugated cardboard boxes for added strength. The box contains a sealed, insulated envelope inside it to contain the chilled items in your order. Inside the envelope will be one or more frozen gel packs to keep the chilled items cool. Outside of the insulated envelope you will find your dry items and items that do not require chilled shipment, such as jarred items. These will typically be bubble wrapped for protection. During busier periods we may ship on Thursdays because UPS does deliver on Saturdays. 

What if I don’t see one of my favorite items?

We want to hear from you! There is an area on our website under the “Contact Us” section, where we’d like to hear your suggestions. While we can’t carry everything, we do plan on expanding to carry frequently requested items.

When does my order need to be in?

We are still perfecting our operational model, but we are continuously working. A typical, non-holiday week should work like this:

  • If we receive your order by Saturday night at 11:59 PM EDT it will be batched into our shopping list on Sunday for Monday pickup from our partners.
  • These orders will ship out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, for delivery to you on Thursdays and Fridays
  • Orders received after Saturday at 11:59 PM EDT will be a part of the following week’s Sunday batch and Monday shopping and will ship out the following Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Your longest wait time would be if your order came in at, for example, 1:00 AM EDT on Sunday, June 4. That order would be batched and be part of our Monday, June 12 shopping and Tuesday/Wednesday June 13/14 shipments. You would receive this order on June 15 or 16. This is the longest, worst-case scenario. In most cases, your wait time is far shorter.
What discounts do you offer?

Most of our products feature a Subscribe & Save option when adding to cart. A monthly subscription entitles you to 5% off each subscribed product!

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